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Brand Name Registration

Trademark or brand name registration is one of the essential and vital tasks to be perfectly completed for doing distinguished business anywhere by entities in all fields of economy. Hence, our full-fledged and worldwide reputed law firm extends the complete array of services for brand name registration as an inevitable part of ours all legal services to all economic sectors. Ours this article is written to provide all-round and prolific information about what is brand name registration, brand name registration process, and our superb services for brand name registration at national and international levels worldwide. A brand name or trademark is the unique and visionary sign or indicator which serves to distinguish the products of one company from those of other companies, and represents certain distinct quality or reliability, in order to impress and entice a greater number of consumers in the marketplace. Right and flawless registration of such a trademark with domestic or international trademark office, is termed as the brand name registration. Today, ours refined and reputed law firm is strikingly prominent worldwide regarding the brand name registration search and services.

Brand Name Registration Services

Ours adept, veteran, and internationally acclaimed trademark attorneys provide punctilious brand name registration services for the trademarks and service-marks mentioned in all classes of the trademark classification. At domestic level, these services are offered in individual countries located worldwide, as per their respective trademark act; whereas, at international level, these services are rendered under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne and Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark. Various activities encompassed by the brand name registration process are – creating the brand name as per business aims and vision; performing trademark searches to verify its uniqueness; prepare application for filing under the strictures of concerned trademark office; filing the application for proper registration at domestic or international level; and then making intelligent and rigorous trademark prosecution, for the best possible and brisk registration. Our services for brand name registration perform these all tasks.

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