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How to Register Software Company

India is one of the lucrative segments for IT business that makes the India with full of software companies and more are on the way to look India as their business destination. This huge rush of software companies raised the demand of how to register Software Company in India. Most of the subsidiaries in India comprised of multinational organizations from IT segment. From last decade; large numbers of software companies visited India to run their branch, project or liaison office in order to reap the benefits of Indian market. This has made several developments and brought growth to the same sector of computing.

Thus, if you are seeking to set up your software company in India then it is necessary to comply with every act of company law and need to adhere with provisions on business endeavors within the IT sector. Before getting registration it is not possible to run your business segment in India. As we all know India is one of the emerging sectors of carrying business where it strict with its facet of corporate and business law in India. Well, as on-going on the same path; here, below we bring some of the major points that help you in setting up of software company in India.

Step 1

Firstly, the concern authority of India needs the description of the business that wants registration. Type of product, field, target market and what type of technology and expertise that it will use for developing product. Here the product is software; thus it is necessary to mention each and every detail of related software. How it will get develop and supply to the target market.

Step 2

Select the form of company whether to sole proprietorship, private or partnership or any other. If your company needs employees with special skills and technical knowledge then it is best to go with partnership firm. Sizes of the firm, budget to launch, range of risk and target market are some of the key factors that decider the form of organization. Whether to go national wide or international market it's your decision but get plan thoroughly that bring best to your company and that fit your long term goals.

Step 3

Get select the region where you need to focus while selling your software. If your product is fashion designing software then major states and cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad are the target market. It does depend upon nature of business and theme in which you deal will select the region of business. Thus, before considering with how to start a software company in India; just select the region in which you want to deal and types of corporate and business laws running in that respective region. Well, the rules and regulations are same for all states and cities but office gets vary from one state to another where you need to file an application.

Step 4

Registrar of Companies (ROC) is the concern authority that manages, control and administered the applications for registration of companies in India. Here you need to first get approval of your company's name by filing an application to same ROC and after getting approval then file an application for registration of software company in India. For registering the software company under ROC it is necessary to file an application to the same office where the head office of the business is being situated. For which it is essential to prepare with a Memorandum and Articles of Association and other legal documents and forums that need to submit with concern authority. Fill out the Declaration of Compliance, Manager or Secretary Forms and details of the Particulars of the Director. If you have any confusion then visit to the Ministry of Corporate Affairs where you will find all these forums where you need to mention the complete details.

Step 5

Then get choose the place where you want to set up your office or business center in India. If it is like factory or noise created segment then you need permission from government as there are some selected regions for factories. But for software companies you can open office at any commercial place where you only need to set desire computers. Size of company is also needed to mention at the time of filing an application for registration of software company in India.

Step 6

After getting the certificate of software company registration in India from ROC then file an application to apply for certificate of commencement of business in India. After getting certificate of the commencement of business; you can start hiring the employees as per your management hierarchy where you can put ads or advertise for the same to look for the high technical and skilled man power who can offer best services in order to achieve your corporate goals.

Step 7

For legal hiring and offer job vacant it is better to get register with the state or region Department of Employment in India. Apply to one state will make you able to get hire from any section of the India. Whether you can apply in Delhi, Tamil Nadu, Hyderabad, Pune or any of other state but you can search or explore your candidate from any part of the country where without getting registration it can bring problems in your hiring process.

Step 8

If you want to reap the complete legal benefits then get register under STPI – Software Technology Parks India. This segment will bring various benefits top your business like tax breaks. Or which you need to submit the an application along with project plans, financial statements, source of funding, marketing strategy and other project details for up to five years. After this you can reap all the benefits that lie under the STPI.

Here; we as a firm of corporate services offer spectrum of business formation segments in India where our legal team of attorneys and solicitors will help you in complying with all types of documents and procedure to register software company in India.

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