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Design Registration

Industrial Designs are one among the vital and significant categories of the intellectual property of entities in diverse economic sectors. Therefore, our legal services for intellectual property essentially and inevitably include registration and protection of various industrial designs pertaining to various fields of the professional, commercial, industrial, and service sectors. Ours responsible and impeccable design registration services are provided both at national and international levels worldwide. Here, it is important to mention that ours law firm is one of the globally prominent and acclaimed legal firms in India and the world, with full gamut of legal services related with all major and significant areas and disciplines of the law. Ours this enlightening and profitable article offered creative information about what is design registration, design registration process, and ours prompt and perfect services for registration of industrial designs worldwide.

Designs are specific shapes, configurations, or patterns in two or three dimensions created for proper and better efficiency, usefulness, ease and convenience of the users, aesthetics, and other favorable and beneficial functions or facilities. Designs are essentially, commonly, and preferably used for producing goods and products in various industrial, commercial, and professional fields. Hence, the range of industrial designs is just fathomless; and we offer superb and swift services for design registrations in all fields.

Design Registration Services

For design registration the proposed design must be original and unique in shape, contour, or pattern; perceptible conspicuously to the naked eyes; capable of being mass produced and sold independently or separately; and should not bear the shapes registered under the Trademarks Act or the Copyright Act in the concerned jurisdiction. Ours refined and economical design registration services cover all sorts of designs in all economic relevant fields, for registration of those in the desired national or international jurisdiction. At international level worldwide, these design registration are provided under the Hague Agreement, administered by the International Bureau of WIPO; TRIPS Agreement of WTO; Berne and Paris Convention; and the European Union's Community Designs. In India, designs are registered and protection under the Designs Act of 2000, and the Designs Rules of 2001. In order to serve better, we charge truly reasonable design registration fee from our clients residing in India or abroad.

Registered with the Controller of Designs at the State, Federal, or International level, the design registration process essentially encompasses the tasks of – selection of appropriate and perfect design, verifying originality and uniqueness through design registration searches at domestic or international level, conducting design infringement analysis to finalize the selected design, drafting application for design registration with targeted national or international office, and then, filing the same and providing intelligent prosecution for the best possible and brisk design registration.

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