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Copyright Rights

Copyright Rights are rights granted to the copyright owner or holder regarding the utilization and protection of the matters and materials copyrighted in the specified jurisdiction. In fact, these copyright rights are desperately essential for proper usage and security of the copyright contents. Hence, certain copyright rights and permissions are exclusively given to the creators as legitimate rights after right and proper copyright registration with the relevant copyright office in national or international jurisdiction. These exclusive copyrights rights and permissions are fully described separately in the below section for better understanding and convenience to the visitors.

Apart from supporting copyright registrations at national and international levels worldwide, ours globally reputed law firm well-based in India has also been offering punctilious and rigorous services for securing and preserving the legitimate rights of the copyright owners and holders engaged in various economic fields in India and abroad. At international levels, our services for protection and promotion of copyright rights are available for all diverse creations and works registered under the TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, and the Rome Convention.

Copyright Rights and Permissions

The exclusive rights and permissions granted to the copyright owner after perfect registration of any new, original, and unique creation, are – rights to make use of the copyright matters and materials for personal and commercial purposes; right to reproduce the matters copyrighted; right to perform or publish or promote the copyright contents publicly; right to hire or trade the copyrighted materials; right to authorize some other person(s) or companies regarding the utilization of copyright matter in business purposes; the right to take proper and stern measures for safety and protection of the copyrighted materials from any type of misappropriations of or infringement upon the same by infringers; and right to make modifications in the copyrighted contents ever in future.

The statement stating 'all copyright rights reserved', means these all rights of the copyright owner, in connection with the commercial uses and protection of the matters copyrighted within any national or international jurisdiction. All copyrighted works and creations commonly bear the copyright symbol and the phrase 'all copyright rights reserved', for incisive information to the public in general. Such a display is certainly elegant and effective for preventing misuses of or infringement upon the matter copyrighted by other people, companies, or infringers.

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