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Copyright Application

Fast, accurate, and reliable services for Copyright Applications at national and international levels worldwide, have been among the significant and reputed legal services of ours globally acclaimed law firm based in India. Since the copyright matters and materials are highly precious and invaluable intellectual property of diverse organizations, we extend the whole range of decent and dependable services for copyright applications in India and other countries abroad. Ours well-informed and proficient services for copyright application filings at national and international levels are separately described in the section below, for increased ease and convenience to ours Indian and global visitors.

The copyright registration with concerned domestic or international copyright office provides certain legitimate and exclusive rights to the creator/copyright holder, regarding the diverse commercial and personal uses of the materials copyright, reproduction of the copyright contents, hiring and trading of the copyright matters, and take proper measures for well-rounded safety and protection of the copyright matters, within the jurisdiction concerned. Ours long and variedly experienced and well-resourced law firm offers services for registration of all various categories of matters and materials requiring copyright protection. Ours copyright application fees are kept quite economical to satisfy our clients better.

Copyright Application Services

Ours flawless and punctilious services for copyright application filings at international level are available for copyright registrations under TRIPS Agreement, Berne or Paris Convention, Universal Copyright Convention, and Rome Convention. And, for domestic level, ours globally commended copyright attorneys provide copyright application services in countries located in all around the whole world, as per their individual copyright law. In India, such copyright applications are drafted in accordance with the Copyright Act of 1957, and all amendments made thereto so far.

We provide copyright application services for all types of literary matters, audio and video recordings and collections, paintings and drawings, photographic works, cinematographic creations, artistic and architectural works, sculptural creations, musical and choreographic albums, and other matters and materials related with copyright protection. The copyright application process essentially includes the tasks of original and unique creation of any content related with above-mentioned disciplines, verification of the created content for originality and acceptability through copyright searches in India and abroad, copyright application filing, and then, offering intelligent and effective copyright prosecution service for getting the perfect and brisk copyright registration at the desired national or international copyright office.

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