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Trademark Infringement

The trademark infringement litigations are now quite common in various fields of business and commerce, professions, and services. Both at national and international levels, such trademark infringement cases are frequently present now-a-days. Ours well-experienced, expert, and internationally reputed trademark attorneys, advocates, and litigators have been resolving such trademark infringement disputes and litigations in all across India and the world, for over a decade. Both national and international trademark infringement cases are adroitly and expertly handled by them. In this highly beneficial article, we are offering all-round and refined information about the trademark infringements and ours swift and rigorous trademark infringement services, along with explanation for what is trademark infringement.

Trademark Infringement is illegal encroachment upon the legitimate and exclusive rights of the registered trademark owner, without his/her/its proper and authoritative permission, in any occupational field. The most common trademark infringement examples are using commercially strikingly similar or identical trademarks, slight or serious alterations in words or spelling, imitation of label graphics, and so on. All such trademark infringement cases and litigations are tackled by the trademark infringement law, which is an inherent part of the Trademark Act in any national or international jurisdiction.

Trademark Infringement Services

Ours well-informed, variedly experienced, and mellow trademark attorneys and litigators have been handling trademark infringement cases in almost all fields of business and commerce, professions, and services sectors in India and abroad. We offer the full range of supportive and legal services for resolving trademark infringement cases in domestic and international jurisdictions worldwide. At international levels worldwide, ours swift and rigorous trademark infringement services are in connection with trademarks registered under the TRIPS Agreement of WTO, Berne and Paris Convention, Madrid Protocol of WIPO, and the European Community Trademark (CTM). The most significant services delivered by ours trademark attorneys and litigators for resolution of trademark infringement cases are – censorious observations and confirmation of any alleged trademark infringement case on behalf of our client, contacting the infringer, showing him evidences in support of infringement by him, seeking out of court solutions, making him well-acquainted with the consequences of such infringement, and if these all do not work, then filing a rigorous trademark infringement lawsuit demanding drastic action against the continuation of such infringement activities, and due compensation from the infringer.

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