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Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation is now a prominent name in the world of companies and corporations established in various economic fields. The patent litigations are fought for preventing misappropriations and misuses of the registered patents by accused one or more infringers belonging to any part of the concerned jurisdiction. The main and primary objectives of filing a patent infringement lawsuit are to request prompt and robust injunction on the continuance of infringement activities of the infringer, and to get due compensation for the damages caused by such activities of the infringer so far. Thus, the patent litigations are elegant and effective means for preserving the legitimate rights of the owner or holder of a properly registered patent in any economic field.

Well-established in India, ours globally famous law firm has been offering perfect and rigorous services for tackling expertly all types of patent litigations, especially the patent infringement litigations in national and international jurisdictions worldwide. Ours patent litigation services are highly and amply appreciated and reputed in the world over, because of being elegant, rigorous, ingenious, and economical. These services are explained separately in the section below, along with the patent litigation process.

Patent Litigation Services

At international level worldwide, ours efficient and expert patent litigation services are rendered for patents registered under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Our patent litigation costs are kept truly reasonable, for providing optimally gratifying services. Moreover, our patent litigation services are for inventions and patents in all various fields of the sectors of professions, businesses, industries, services, and so on. These all capabilities of ours law firm are creditable for making it a globally prominent and popular legal firm for highly beneficial and fruitful patent litigation search options.

The patent litigation process involves the tasks and activities of – gathering ample and solid evidences regarding the occurrence of illegal infringement by the alleged infringer; contacting infringer and searching out of court solutions if possible; if not so, then filing patent infringement lawsuit; presenting evidences and advocacy in support of the rights of our client (owner/holder of the registered patent specified); requesting prompt and permanent injunction on infringement activities, and due compensation for all damages caused, from the court of the law; attending court hearings and trials; and lastly, recovery of monetary compensation from the accused infringer.

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