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Patent Registration in Bangalore

In ours this very special web article, we are offering very creative and useful information regarding the economy of Bangalore, and our world-class legal services for patent registration in bangalore, in its all related economic fields. Our well-established and full-fledged IPR law firm is located in Delhi, and has earned nationwide reputation and popularity and global prominence, owing to its rich gamut of legal services for all categories of the intellectual property.

Situated in the south-eastern part of Karnataka, its capital Bangalore (now also named as Bengaluru) is strikingly outstanding in India and the world, for a variety of impressive things. Prominent as the Silicon Valley of India, the Garden City of India, and as the Neon City, Bangalore is at present, the second fastest growing and thriving major city of India, besides being the third most populous city of the country. Again, almost all vital and significant economic fields of this trim and glamorous city have been progressing fast constantly for last two decades, and consequently, Bangalore is regarded as one of the most fertile and lucrative destinations in India and the world for business establishments in all major economic sectors. Because of these all reasons, Bangalore has been a major and privileged recipient of our legal services for a long period.

The following highly beneficial and superb facilities are borne by our patent services in bangalore, for both product and process patents:
  • As our law firm offers services for all objects of IP to people and entities of the world over, our veteran and innovative patent lawyers serve patents in all economic fields at national and international levels worldwide.
  • Every new patent in bangalore pertaining to any of the following economic fields of this opulent city is registered and protected in India and abroad with expert and responsible support of our renowned patent lawyers – Information technology and ITES, telecommunications, manufacturing, electronics, computer hardware and software, biotechnology, aviation, education and teaching, scientific research, media and advertising, healthcare, household consumer goods and products banking and finance, tourism and hospitality, leisure and entertainment, engineering and technology, insurance, and diverse services.
  • For a national-level registration of any new invention belonging to people and companies of Bangalore, the office concerned is located in Chennai at Guindy. This provincial intellectual property office governs registration and protection of patents under the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972, with all amendments made thereto so far included.
  • Our rich and brisk patent registration services in Bangalore undertake all tasks and activities which exist in the entire registration process in India and abroad.
  • Those companies and firms of Bangalore which are interested in extending their businesses to international or worldwide horizons, or are already engaged in such businesses, can register their patents with superb support of our patent lawyers under the PCT, TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, or the European Patent Convention.
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