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Patent Drafting

Patent Drafting is the name given to the process or task of preparing patent specification as per the instructions and recommendations of the concerned patent office, so as to acquire proper and secure registration of the invention. As patents form the very pedestal of businesses in various fields, of paramount importance is the patent drafting to entities active in diverse sectors of economy. Generally, patents are meant to serve a business permanently; however, modifications in these are also possible in future times. Hence, patent drafting is a task of utmost and great care, ingenuity, wisdom, and expertise. Keeping in mind these all vital facts, ours adept and seasoned patent attorneys of immense national and international repute provide proficient and impeccable patent drafting services at national and international levels, worldwide. Ours flawless and brisk services for perfect patent drafting are presented in the section below comprehensively, along with decent patent drafting tips. Ours globally popular law firm offers superb legal services in connection with all diverse streams of the law, essentially including the intellectual property law and rights.

Patent Drafting Services

Ours elegant patent drafting and patent registration services are promptly available for inventions and creations in all various fields of the commercial, professional, industrial, etc. sectors. In addition to patent registrations as per the individual domestic patent laws in countries worldwide, ours these services at international level are provided in connection with TRIPS Agreement, patent cooperation treaty of the WIPO, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. Ours patent drafting services are performed in strict compliance with the patent drafting guidelines issued by the patent registration offices through their patent manuals. Ours mellow patent attorneys have enough experience and expertise in making patents distinctly unique, optimally elegant and efficient, and impregnable in every way, so that these serve companies most profitably for a longer period of time or forever. In general, the most commonly followed pattern of patent specification, contains sections in the following order – title of the new invention, cross references, background of the invention, concise summary of the invention, illustrations regarding drawings, detailed description of the invention, claims, abstract of the invention, and then, the sequence listings.
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