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NBFC Registration

Completely and adroitly supported by ours well-informed and adept attorneys, are nbfc registrations in countries situated in all across the globe. Flawless and swift services for nbfc registrations are popular ancillary services of ours reputed and globally admired legal firm, well-based in India. Here, it is necessary to note that the Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) have now emerged out as great and impeccable supporter to the banks and financial institutions, in most of the developed and fast progressing countries of the world, inevitably including India. These NBFCs serve people and entities as primary and leading intermediary between them and the institutions in the banking and financial sector. These companies help public borrowers, entrepreneurs, businesspersons, traders, professionals, investors, and companies in their dealings and transactions involving public deposits, commercial or industrial loans, leasing, investment funds, hire-purchasing, stocks and bonds, and many other similar functions and activities. Thus, the NBFCs have now become a highly significant and vital complementary to banks and other financial institutions, in present times of rapid economic development and growth. As mentioned above, ours refined and prompt nbfc registration services (including nbfc registration online) can be easily and economically availed of in any country of the world. But, in this particular article, we are providing information about ours these services in India, in the section below.

NBFC Registration Services

Today, there are three broad categories of such companies are present in India, namely, Loan Companies, Asset Finance Companies, and Investment Companies. We provide expert services for formation and registration for these all three types of NBFCs, in locations all across the whole country of India. In order to offer more satisfying service, ours nbfc registration fees are kept really reasonable. These all types of NBFCs are registered and regulated by the Reserve Bank of India Act, 1934, under the section 45-IA.

Any size of company registered under the Indian Companies Act of 1956, and doing business in the above-mentioned areas or fields, is eligible for nbfc registration in India, provided it possesses the minimum recommended capital of Rs.2 Crore. It must be noted that nbfc registration is essential and recommended for enjoying proper accreditation, public reliability, legal security, and sound reputation in the market. For all those companies dealing in these areas, whose annual financial flow gets more than the 50% of the total asset owned individually by these, then, strict and proper nbfc registration is mandatory in India. Desirous companies fulfilling these nbfc registration requirements can readily apply to the RBI for such registration. The nbfc registration procedure consists of filing application in the prescribed format, and submitting all required documents in duplicate to the RBI, for approving the application and granting the nbfc registration certificate.

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