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Types of Trademark in India for Registration

Trademark registration is basically a logo or a combination of characters and numbers, which is used by a company to claim its ownership on a term, design or its combination. The trademark registration in india is done to make your company stand out in the market and the consumers can build trust on your company. This is essential for the company to attain credibility and also when the company files for the trademark registration, then it also obtains a legal right over the logo. The logo or trademark is also of various types, in accordance to the good or services offered by the company.

Below 7 Types of Trademarks in India available for Registration:
  • Product Mark
  • Service Mark
  • Collective Mark
  • Certification Mark
  • Shape Mark
  • Pattern Mark
  • Sound Mark
1. Product Mark

The product mark is marked on the products or goods. This is for the companies that offer goods and not services. This falls under the trademark class of 1-34 for the process of trademark filing.

2. Service Mark

This mark is for the companies or businesses that provides services to the consumers. This specifically distinguishes the company from others in the market. The service mark falls under the trademark class of 34-35.

3. Collective Mark

The marks that are mainly owned by organizations, institute or any association is termed as collective mark, for promoting product. This is basically used to promote products which have specific character that is exclusive to the producer, in the given region.

4. Certification Mark

The certification mark provides a guarantee on the standard, i.e., the product's origin, material, quality and other specifics, as stated by the proprietor. It is mostly used for electronic goods, toys and packed food items.

5. Shape Mark

As the name suggests, this trademark is used to protect a unique shape of the product, so that the customers can easily identify with the shape mark of the product. It is very useful the companies selling goods of a particular shape, as it make them different from others.

6. Pattern Mark

These are the marks which are on a specific pattern. This pattern mark efficiently segregates one company from others. The specific and original pattern provided by a company is the unique identity of that company.

7. Sound Mark

These are the non-conventional trademarks, but that can be registered in India. The important condition is that the sound should be distinctive enough to create an immediate recall value of the company product or service. It should be the unique identifier for the genuineness of the products. The sound mark most likely appear in the start of the end of a commercial.

How to Register Trademark?

There are total of 45 trademark classes under which these different kinds of trademarks are categorised. Any company or person that wants to do trademark application filling, they can take assistance from this online portal by filing Query form or Direct Call/WhatsApp at +91-8800-100-281 or Email at contact(at)freetrademarksearch(dot)co(dot)in

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