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Trademark Class 9 | Electrical and Scientific Apparatus

Highly significant trademark class 9, is certainly one of the major and immensely important trademark classes in the entire list of globally recognized trademark classification. Therefore, our this web article is wholly dedicated to comprehensive and hugely beneficial information regarding this trademark class 9, all trademarks included in this class, and our legal services for national and international registrations of these trademarks in countries worldwide. Our well-established, extensively experienced, and innovative IPR law firm is located in Delhi, and has harmonious rapport with a large number of law firms which are located in all across India and in countries situated in places all around the whole world. For over a decade, we have been providing superb, brisk, responsible, and quite economical legal services for all diverse categories of the industrial, professional, and commercial intellectual property, to people and entities of the world over.

This trademark class 9 is specially famous and distinguished for containing trademarks which are related with various electrical and scientific apparatus, and computers and computing devices. Broadly, the trademarks connected with the following apparatus, devices, and objects, are encompassed in this trademark class 9, for all national and international registrations of these in countries worldwide:

  • Electric and Electronic Components
  • Electrical and Mechanical Data Processing Equipment and Accessories
  • Electrical Circuits and Circuit Boards
  • Computer Software and Equipments
  • Computers and Computer Hardware
  • Computer Networking and Data Communications Equipments
  • Communications Equipments and Apparatus
  • Broadcasting Equipment
  • Data Storage Devices
  • Cables and Wires
  • Photocopiers and Image Scanners
  • Image Capturing and Developing Devices
  • Recorded Contents
  • Media Contents
  • Audio/Visual and Photographic Devices
  • Display Devices, Audio Devices, Television Receivers, and Film and Video Devices
  • Scientific Research and Laboratory Apparatus, Educational Apparatus and Simulators
  • Protective and Safety Equipments
  • Measuring, Counting, Alignment, and Calibrating Instruments and Machines
  • Time, Temperature, Speed, and Distance Measuring Instruments
  • Controllers and Regulators used in diverse Industries
  • Fire-Extinguishing Apparatus
  • Sensors and Detectors
  • Calculators
  • Coin-operated Automatic Vending Machines and Mechanisms
  • Nautical Equipments and Devices
  • And, many other Electrical and Scientific Equipments and Devices

To avail prompt and superb services for registering all trademarks belonging to the trademark class 9 electrical and scientific apparatus, with any relevant trademark office of India, or under any of the international conventions of the TRIPS Agreement, the European Community Trademark, Berne Convention, or the Madrid Protocol, people and companies located in all across India and the entire world, can readily contact ours globally famous IPR law firm. Very informative and securing is here to note that the following equipments, apparatus, and devices do not belong to these class 9 electrical and scientific apparatus and devices: electromechanical apparatus for kitchen, and power-operated equipments and implements [class 7]; hand-operated tools and implements [class 8]; clocks and watches, and other chronometric instruments [class 14]; electrical apparatus for space heating, liquid heating, cooking etc. [class 11].

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