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Patent Application

The complete extent of punctilious legal services regarding new inventions and patents in various economic fields, are among the main and most significant services of ours globally famous law firm. Patents are perhaps the most sumptuous and vital intellectual property of any professional or commercial entity, on which the entire business or profession of the organization is dependent. Therefore, new inventions must be essentially handled with extreme care and prudence, to make the same unique, impeccable, perfect, and blameless in every respect. For such ingenious, confidential, visionary, and highly discerning tasks, ours erudite, well-informed, and richly experienced patent attorneys are always present with their dedicated and scrupulous services.

In this article, we are offering all necessary information regarding patent applications in India and abroad, ours patent application services, and the patent application process. Here, it may be noted to help novices in this context that, patent application (or patent application filing) is submitting a well-devised and perfect application to the concerned patent offices in domestic or international jurisdiction, in order to register the new invention enclosed with the filed application. Our expert and responsible services for patent application in India and abroad are described apart in the section below, for enhanced convenience to the visitors.

Patent Filing Services

Our expert patent filing services are promptly available for patent applications at national levels in countries worldwide, and at international level with organizations working under the TRIPS Agreement, Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT), Berne or Paris Convention, and the European patent Convention (EPC). All types of new inventions, technical or non-technical in nature, and belonging to various fields in the professional, industrial, commercial, and service sectors, are adeptly and impeccably well-served by our internationally commended and reputed patent attorneys. Our patent application fees too are kept quite reasonable, in order to provide economical and gratifying services. So far, myriads of companies, investors, entrepreneurs, multinational corporations, and professional institutions are utilized ours patent filing services in connection with the pct patent applications and other globally recognized patent treaties and conventions mentioned above. In general, for a patent application with a national or international patent office, the most important tasks are – creation of an original and unique invention; patent searches; patent infringement analysis in private; then, finalization of the invention; drafting patent specification as per the rules and regulations of the concerned office; filing the patent application; and lastly, offering punctual and proper patent prosecution, for the best possible and perfect patent.

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