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Copyright Symbol

The Copyright Symbol is an elegant and effective means for making any original creation amply protected, through offering necessary information to the general public. Providing the complete gamut of legal services for perfect and trustworthy registration and protection of copyrights in countries of the world over, we are in this article offering detailed and refined information regarding the copyright symbol, and the copyright symbol usage. Besides copyrights, ours well-experienced and well-equipped law firm also offer decent and reliable services for all types of intellectual property of people and entities engaged in diverse sectors of economy in India or abroad.

Let me begin the article with description over what is the copyright symbol, giving the perfect copyright symbol definition. The copyright symbol is the sign printed on products or creations for conveying the massage that the creation bearing this sign is fully protected under copyright laws, and no part of the same can ever be reproduced commercially by any unauthorized person. Any unlawful reproduction, uses, misappropriation, or infringement upon the copyright matters would therefore receive rigorous legal action against, and draw due compensation from the infringers.

Copyright Symbol Usage

The copyright symbol is commonly and prominently depicted by an encircled C as © for all works and creations barring the sound recordings. The works containing sound recordings and collections are distinctly assigned a specific copyright symbol of an encircled P. The copyright symbol must be conspicuously and strikingly displayed on products or creations, so as to be easily noticed by the viewers. Necessary information regarding how to type a copyright symbol and copyright symbol usage is given in the below paragraphs. To display the copyright symbol, the following pattern is commonly and preferably followed:

Copyright © Year [Name or any Indication about the Copyright Owner/Holder]. All Rights Reserved.

The 'Year' written as above, evinces the year in which the very first publication of the concerned work or creation was made by the company. Here, it may be noted that the copyright owner could be an individual, a company, association of people, or any other entity. Again, indication or identification about the copyright owner can be made using the name of the individual or company, or any nickname which is popular widely and hugely.

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