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FCRA Registration

The FCRA registration is known for acquiring funds and grants from diverse foreign sources by trusts, societies, social welfare organizations, section-25 companies, professional firms, and other non-governmental organizations. This fcra registration allows receiving of foreign funds and grants and facilitates the proper utilization of the same, for the purposes specified. Thus, this fcra registration is of great importance to such organizations and companies in any country, inevitably including India. Therefore, in ours this lavishly informatively and productive article, we are offering well-rounded and discerning information about the fcra registration in India or abroad, and ours perfect and swift fcra registration services worldwide. Today, for fcra registration also, ours globally famous and popular law firm well-based in India is amply prominent in all across India and other parts of the whole world. Moreover, we charge rather reasonable fcra registration fees from Indian and foreign entities. Again, now-a-days, we are well-equipped with services for fcra registration online.

The main and ultimate objectives of fcra registration in any country, are to facilitate acquiring of foreign contributions, funds, and grants by any native organization, and to ensure proper and perfect utilization of the funds strictly for the developmental and philanthropic purposes and works specified.

FCRA Registration Services

Our fcra registration services have been helping numerous entities and social development organizations established and active in countries all across the world. The fcra registration is made under two broad categories – registration for obtaining one-time foreign grant from any foreign source, and registration for acquiring regular foreign contributions and funds regularly from multiple foreign sources. Both these categories of fcra registrations are readily and proficiently well-supported by ours expert and mellow attorneys. Again, the fcra registration procedure is almost the same in all countries, and comprises of filing the application form prescribed and submitting all required documents.

In India, now fcra registration is made under the rules and regulations of the new Foreign Contributions (Regulation) Act of 2010 (which has been put into effect from May 2011). Now, for permanent fcra registration in India the Form FC-3 is to be applied in triplicate. The most significant documents to be submitted (in duplicate) to the fcra registration office are – the certificate of registration; copies of MOA and AOA; audited financial statements for last three years; a fresh bank account meant for foreign funds; works done by the entity during last three financial years; the proposed and approved works to be performed using the foreign funds being received; letters of the prospective foreign donors; tax exemption certificates if any; and other demanded documents and enclosures.

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