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Patent Infringement

Rigorous and efficacious services against patent infringements, are auxiliary part of ours intellectual property services in India and other countries abroad. Ours globally reputed law firm with extensive experience and wide-range of legal services, has been providing elegant and innovative legal services to all economic sectors at domestic and international levels worldwide. Expert and expeditious services regarding patent registration and protection are ours significant and vital legal services to serve people and entities engaged in various fields of business and profession, anywhere in India and countries all around the entire globe. These patent infringement services are separately outlined in the following section in detail for readers' convenience. In this section, now described considerately is 'what is patent infringement', offering decent definition of patent infringement, for better conception, particularly to novices in this matter.

Patent Infringement is nothing but committing encroachment upon the registered patents of other people or entities, in any way, and violating the exclusive right given to the owners of the concerned properly registered patents. The most common examples of a patent infringement are – using the theme or matters partially or fully of a registered patent in the same field of business or profession; or utilizing any registered patent for one's own commercial benefits illegally without proper permission of the patent owner.

Patent Infringement Services

Ours well-learned and expert patent attorneys of global acclamation and provide the full-gamut of services for resolving patent infringement litigation at domestic or international level in jurisdictions located worldwide. These disputes and litigations are handled as per the respective patent infringement law applicable in the concerned jurisdiction. Ours patent infringement services at the international level, are predominantly related with patents registered under the TRIPS Agreement, PCT, Berne or Paris Convention, and the European Patent Convention. The main and major services regarding patent infringement litigations are – service for verifying and confirming any patent infringement practice; meeting the accused infringer to discuss over the matter of patent infringement, and informing him about the possible consequences of doing such activities; if the infringer gets stubborn and continue doing infringement practices, then patent infringement lawsuit is prepared and filed; taking part in the entire court and hearing processes and advocating effectively; presenting evidences to support our client part and advocating for prompt injunction on the infringement practices, together with demanding due compensation from the infringer.

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