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Patent Registration in Mumbai

Fast galloping and magnificent Mumbai has been one of the major and most significant recipients in the whole world of our legal services for IPR, for over a decade. This richest city of India in terms of massive population and highest GDP, is commonly regarded as one of the most distinguished cities in the entire world for establishments of companies in all economic sectors. Moreover, this alpha world city supports about 25 % of the national industrial output, 11% of organized employment, and about 70% of the marine imports and exports of the whole country. Apart from our services to Indian and global people and companies for company registrations in all across Mumbai, our globally admired law firm located in Delhi has also rendered superb legal services for all categories of intellectual property of these people and companies which are located in Mumbai. Here, our services for patent registration in mumbai are discussed especially, for benefits to all economic fields of this fast-paced and immensely glamorous city of India.

Our impeccable and fast patent services in mumbai have the following impressive qualities and benefits:
  • Almost all product and process patents pertaining to various economic fields have been registered and protection in the national and international jurisdictions by our patent lawyers of erudition and international reputation.
  • All economic fields coming under the broad sectors of manufacturing and production, business and commerce, industries, professions, and services, are comprehensively and adroitly served by our world-class patent registration services in Mumbai.
  • For registering a patent in mumbai at the national level, the concerned office is the regional intellectual property office situated at S. M. Road, Antop Hill. This divisional IP office registers and protects patents in all fields as per the Indian Patents Act of 1970 and the Patents Rules of 1972.
  • To encourage and secure the international and worldwide businesses of companies and firms of Mumbai, our well-informed and richly experienced patent lawyers also expertly offer legal services for registration and protection of patents under the PCT, the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, and the European Patent Convention.
  • All tasks and activities coming under the entire procedure of registration of a patent are performed efficiently and flawlessly by our punctilious patent lawyers, which start from well-informed guidance for creation of an invention in any field to providing intelligent and prudent prosecution for promptest and perfect registration of the same in India and abroad.
  • Our other services for patents in all relevant economic fields are patent opposition, patent infringement litigation, patent renewal, patent search and infringement analysis, patent watch and monitoring, and hiring and trading of patents.
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