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Patent Registration in Kolkata

As Kolkata is one of the major, most opulent, and internationally famous cities of India, ours this web article is respectfully dedicated to promoting economic progress and prosperity of this giant city of India. In addition to information about the economic scenarios of this glamorous city, provided also is enlightening matter regarding our first-class and economical services for patent registration in kolkata, in all its pertinent economic fields.

Glorious capital of West Bengal, galloping Kolkata is the main and largest commercial and financial hub in the entire east and north-east India. Situated on the east bank of river Hoogly, this extensive city contains about 4.5 million population, and myriads of small and big industries and companies which are active in various economic fields. For a long time, this magnificent city of India has been a nationwide prominent center for industries, business and commerce, education and research, marine exports and imports, professions, culture and tourism, and services. Therefore, numerous people and entities of Kolkata have been old and regular clients of our legal services, for over a decade.

Our rich and economical patent services in kolkata have been embellished with the following striking and enticing features and facilities:
  • The patent lawyers of our prestigious IPR law firm, which is well-based in Delhi, are richly experienced in helping people and entities in registration and protection of their respective patents in the national and international jurisdictions worldwide.
  • Thus, any invention or patent in kolkata can be flawlessly and economically be registered in India and under all international treaties for patents, such as the PCT, TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, and the EPC, with expert support of our renowned patent lawyers.
  • For the national-level registration and recognition of patents related with people and entities situated in Kolkata, the concerned office is located in Kolkata itself, at the Salt Lake City.
  • The economic fields of this thriving city well-served by ours superb patent registration services are iron and steel, information technology, industrial manufacturing, engineering and technology, minerals and mining, pharmaceuticals, electronics, agriculture and horticulture, cement, jute, food processing, textiles and garments, and services.
  • The works done by our decent and dutiful lawyers during the process of patent registration in India or abroad are counsel for patent creation, patent search for ascertaining originality, crafting of patent specification, filing the application for registration and making prosecution for the same, and resolving cases of opposition or infringement allegation.
  • And, services for patent opposition, patent infringement litigation, patent prosecutions for different objectives, patent renewals, patent search and infringement analysis for diverse aims, patent watch and monitoring, and hiring the trading of patents, are ours other legal services for patents in all economic fields.
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