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Trademark Symbols

The use of trademark symbol conveys the message that the preceding mark, word, image, logo, or sign is a cherished trademark of the concerned company. The trademark symbols are commonly used on products or services to make these distinctly prominent and popular in the marketplace. These trademark symbols also indicate the status of registration of the displayed trademark with national or international trademark authorities. Hence, proper use of the trademark symbol is always beneficial in respect of strong assertion over the used trademark, prominence in the marketplace, monopoly on the selected trademark, and recommendations of the legal and official authorities. Ours this highly enlightening article gives all-round and discerning information about the most commonly used trademark symbols in countries worldwide, along with guidance regarding how to use trademark symbols on products.

Today, the most prominent and preferred types of trademark symbols commonly used on products and services are ® (encircled capital R) and TM. For services, the trademark symbol used is SM, however, TM is also used more often for this purpose. These are outstanding registered trademark symbols in countries situated worldwide. However, the most recognized and preferred trademark symbol for any fully registered trademark is letter R enclosed with a circle as ®. Any of these trademark symbols is usually placed to the upper right of the selected trademark word, logo, or other unique mark. More information about how to use registered trademark symbols is given separately in the section below for increased convenience to visitors.

How to Use Registered Trademark Symbol

For all those trademarks or service marks which have been registered fully and precisely with the concerned national or international trademark office, the registered trademark symbol ® can exclusively be used. This especial symbol cannot be used for trademarks which are currently under the registration procedure. During this period, the trademark symbol TM can preferably be used on the targeted product. Again, this trademark symbol TM (or SM, indicating Service Mark) can also be utilized for unregistered trademarks or service marks, for the purposes of advertising and commercial dealings and transactions. Thus, a business is free to use the symbol TM whenever it desires to claim authority over a certain trademark or service mark. These trademark symbols are placed adjacent immediately to the preceding mark in superscript style.

For placing ® or TM, the following are highly elegant and most preferred ways:
  • The proper Trademark Symbol is placed immediately to the upper right of the trademark, every time it is used.
  • Trademark Symbol is placed right near the very first usage of the mark or sign that marks the trademark. An Asterisk, or Dagger, or Double Dagger, etc., can also be used for this purpose. Then, there is given a footnote which describes the trademark or company.
  • The Words, or other things used in the Trademark, are depicted in bold, italic, or uppercase style, and usually in some different and striking font, in order to make the trademark easily visible to public. A footnote describing the trademark may also be given.
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