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Trademark Class 4 | Lubricant and Fuel Products

In this very productive and benevolent web article, ours one of the highly renowned and leading IPR law firm of India, has presented rich and detailed information about the trademark class 4, the products and substances which are connected with trademarks in this category, and our rich and economical services for national and international registrations of all trademarks belonging to this trademark class 4. Our internationally reputed IPR law firm of India has been delivering superb and swift services for all diverse categories of the intellectual property for over a decade, both at Indian and international levels.

One of the broad and distinguishing classes of trademarks and service marks, is the trademark class 4, allotted exclusively to lubricant and fuel products, industrial oils and greases, and illuminants. Thus, for registering a trademark related with any of these products, an application is made under the trademark class 4 lubricant and fuel products, with any national or international trademark office. In detail, under the gamut of trademark class 4, trademarks related with the following products, preparations, and substances essentially come:

  • Lubricants, Industrial Oils and Greases
  • Fuels, Bio-Fuels, and Illuminants
  • Dust Absorbing, Wetting, and Binding Compositions
  • Candles and Wicks for Lighting
  • Firewood and Wood Briquettes
  • Non-Chemical Fuel Additives
  • Electrical Energy
  • Preserving Oils for Leather or Masonry
  • Christmas Tree Candles

In case, your product is only partially related with any of the above-listed products and substances, then you would require filing the application for registration under some coordinated classes also. The coordinated classes are those classes which are related with the similar products and substances. The most prominent coordinated classes of trademark class 4 are – trademark class 1- chemicals; service mark class 42 – science and technology services; and trademark class 37 – construction and repair services.

For registering any trademark pertained to the class 4 lubricant and fuel products with any zonal trademarks office of India, or any desired international trademark office working under the TRIPS Agreement, the Berne Convention, the European Community Trademark, or the Madrid Protocol, people and companies engaged in these fields in India or abroad, can readily contact us. Our trademark lawyers of international fame and prestige offer all essential and supporting services during the entire registration process in India or abroad.

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