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Trademark Class 44 | Medical, Beauty, and Agricultural

One of the eleven globally recognized classes of service marks, is the trademark class 44, which is exclusively well-known for containing service marks for medical and veterinary services, agricultural and forestry services, and beauty and hygienic services. Hence, this class is certainly of great importance, especially to professionals and companies engaged in these fields in countries worldwide. Ours this web article gives rich and very useful information for benefits to these people and companies, about this trademark class 44, and our legal services for registration, up-keeping, and protection of all service marks encompassed by this class, in countries worldwide. Our well-established and globally well-known IPR law firm is located in Delhi, and enjoys worldwide professional connections and rapport, for the purposes of the best possible service delivery at quite economical charges, in all areas of the intellectual property and other legal disciplines.

Broadly, the following main and major services are related with the service marks that are encompassed in the trademark class 44 medical veterinary services:
  • Medical Services and Healthcare Services
  • Veterinary Services
  • Services for Agriculture, Horticulture, Aquaculture, and Forestry
  • Services for Animal Breeding and Healthcare
  • Gardening and Landscaping Services
  • Services for Hygiene and Beauty of Human Beings
  • Animal and Pet Grooming Services
  • Pharmaceutical Services
  • Dentists and Opticians' Services
  • Services for Mental Health
  • Body Art and Tattooing
  • Turkish Baths

Very enlightening is to note that the service marks used generally in the following services, are not covered in this trademark class 44, for registration and protection purposes: services for installation and repair of irrigation systems [class 37]; services for training to animals [class 41]; scientific and medical research services [class 42]; services for body fitness and physical health [class 41]; ambulance transport services [class 39]; animal slaughtering services [class 40]; services for timber felling and processing [class 40]; and boarding services for animals [class 43].

For each and every service mark in the trademark class 44 medical veterinary services, our trademark lawyers and litigators offer the complete range of legal services, including the services for trademark registration, trademark search and verification of uniqueness, trademark opposition, trademark search and infringement analysis, trademark prosecution for diverse objectives, trademark renewal, trademark infringement litigation, trademark watch and monitoring, trademark sale and purchase, and hiring and trading of trademarks and service marks. These services are provided in all countries of the world, both for the national and international registrations of these service marks.

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