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Trademark Class 7 | Machinery Products

Ours this diligently prepared and very informative and creative web article offers rich and exclusive information about the trademark class 7, and the objects and products the trademarks of which are included in this trademark class 7, along with ours legal services for registration of all trademarks covered by this significant class. Our IPR law firm of global repute and appreciation, is based in India (Delhi), and has been extending top-quality legal services for national and international registrations of all diverse categories of intellectual property, for gratifying service to people and companies which could be located in any part of the world. Wide-raging field knowledge, rich and varied service experience, high efficiency and proficiency, reasonable service charges, impeccable service, and complete confidentiality, etc., have been ours qualities and specialties, for over a decade.

The trademark class 7 is most prominently known for containing trademarks which are related with the business of various machineries and machine equipments and tools. Our trademark lawyers of international stature and repute have been serving companies and industries which are engaged in the business of these machinery products and equipments, and are well-established in places all across India, and countries worldwide, through perfect and swift registrations of their trademarks under the desired national or international trademark office or convention. In general, trademarks associated with the following machines, equipments, and tools, have been kept under this trademark class 7, for the national or international registrations of these:

  • Machines and Machine Tools for treatment of materials, and for Manufacturing
  • Mills and Crushing Machines
  • Material Production and Processing Machines
  • Diverse Motors and Engines for Industrial Uses
  • Oil and Gas Extraction and Mining Equipments
  • Construction Machinery and Equipments
  • Power-operated Agricultural and Forestry Implements
  • Lifting and Hoisting Equipments, Elevators, and Escalators
  • Moving and Handling Equipments and Conveyors
  • Machines and Machine Components for Coupling and Transmission used in Industries
  • Textile and Leather Sewing Machines
  • Food and Beverage Processing and Preparation Machines and Equipments
  • Automatic Vending Machines
  • Shaping and Molding Machines and Equipments
  • Power Saws, Drills, and Bores
  • Pumps, Compressors, and Fans
  • Generators of Electricity
  • Robots and Robotic Machines
  • Packaging Machines
  • Welding and Soldering Machines
  • Sweeping, Cleaning, Washing, and Laundering Machines
  • Incubators for Eggs
  • And, many other Machines, Equipments, and Tools used in various manufacturing or other Industries

To register all newly invented trademarks belonging to the trademark class 7 machinery products and equipments, in any part of India, or under any international conventions of the TRIPS Agreement, Berne Convention, the European Community Trademark, or the Madrid Protocol, people and industries of India and the globe, can readily contact our prestigious IPR law firm of India. Important here is to note that, under this trademark class 7 machinery products, trademarks of the following machines, equipments, and tools do not come: hand-operated tools and implements [class 8]; and engines and motors for automobiles and land vehicles [class 12].

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