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Trademark Class 28 | Toys and Sporting Goods

We are worldwide famous and immensely popular for quick and superb legal services for all divisions of the intellectual property. Located in Delhi, our ambitiously established IPR law firm has been extending its complete gamut of legal services concerned with all objects of IP, to Indian and global clients, for over a decade. These services are rendered scrupulously for registration and protection of these all objects in the desired national and international forums. Here, we are primarily concerned with offering precious and hugely profitable information about the trademark class 28, and our rich and refined legal services for perfect and brisk registration of all trademarks which come under this class, in places all across India and the whole world.

One of the 45 distinguishing classes of trademarks and service marks, is this trademark class 28, which covers exclusively trademarks related with various toys and sporting goods, and games and gymnastic articles. Hence, this class 28 toys and sporting goods, is of paramount and vital importance to businessmen, companies, and industries which deal in such products and goods. In general, trademarks related with the following goods, equipments, and articles, are encompassed by this distinct trademark class 28, for the purposes of registration and protection in countries worldwide:

  • Various Sporting Articles, Goods, and Equipments
  • All different types of Toys, Games, Playthings, and Novelties
  • Hunting and Fishing Implements and Equipments
  • Artificial Christmas Trees of Synthetic Material, and Christmas Tree Stands
  • Decorations for Christmas Tree
  • Diverse Playground Apparatus
  • Video Game Devices and Apparatus
  • Articles and Equipments used for Swimming
  • Gymnastic Articles and Equipments

Immensely important is here to note that, the trademarks associated with the following goods, equipments, and objects, are not kept under this trademark class 28 – fishing nets [class 22]; clothing for sports and gymnastic activities [class 25]; diving equipments [class 09]; candles, electrical lamps, and confectionery decorations for the Christmas Tree. Hence, for registering any newly created trademark related with the trademark class 28 toys and sporting goods, ours prestigious IPR law firm of India is amply qualified and suitable. The magnificent treaties concerned with all international registrations of trademarks in this class and all other classes, are the TRIPS Agreement, Paris or Berne Convention, Madrid Protocol, and the European Community Trademark.

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