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Company Registration in Dehradun

As the very title of this web article implies, we are in this exclusively concerned with offering the full gamut of highly beneficial information about the company registration in dehradun, as per the new company law of India, the Companies Act of 2013. Here it is noteworthy that Dehradun is a nationwide famous city of India in respect of diverse tourism, educational and research institutes, and rapid industrial growth in the last two decades. This capital city of the newly formed State of Uttarakhand is just about 235 Km from well-developed and world-famous Delhi, and lies on the verdant and placid foothills of the Himalayas and quite in vicinity to most of the internationally renowned tourist destinations (such as Mussoorie, Nainital, Haridwar, Rishikesh, etc.) of the State and India, to allure and entice a massive number of tourists every year in the city. Our world-class, fast, and economically-charged company registration services in this fast booming and naturally glamorous city, are provided to support its rapid economic progress in diverse significant fields mentioned below.

  • Our perfect and brisk company registration services in Dehradun or any other city of India, are readily and cheaply available for setting up companies like the private limited companies, newly introduced one person companies, public limited companies, partnership companies, unlimited companies, section-8 companies, joint venture companies, mergers and acquisitions, and liaison and branch offices of Indian and foreign individuals and corporations.
  • For establishing any of the above-mentioned companies in Dehradun, the office of the Registrar of Companies [ROC] directly concerned is situated in Kanpur, at Allenganj, Khalasi Line.
  • At present, the economic fields of this city which are highly suitable and secure for setting up companies are – tourism and hospitality, leisure and entertainment, education and teaching, publishing, scientific research, information technology and ITES, industrial manufacturing, fashion technology, retail, and diverse services.
  • In the Companies Act of 2013, the maximal number of permissible partners or stakeholders in a private limited company, and in a general partnership firm, has been kept as 200 and 100, respectively. For setting up the newly introduced one person companies, only one person is required by each company as the director. Made possible is entrenchment in the articles of association of the company, for the very first time in India.
  • The tasks and activities covered in the whole company registration process are complete guidance and support for company selection, reservation of company names [Form No.-2.7], weaving the appropriate MOA and AOA [Form No.-2.17] and drafting all other requisite documents [Form No.-2.25, Form No.-2.12, Form No.-2.10, Form No.-2.11, etc.], filing the application for company incorporation [Form No.-2.9], obtaining permission from the RBI for setting up business entities by a foreign corporations, getting the certificate for commencement of business by a public limited company, and so on.
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