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Trademark Registration in Ghaziabad

Often referred to as the Gateway of UP, galloping Ghaziabad is a fast booming industrial city of India. Because of coming under the national capital reason, it has also been progressing rapidly in the broad sectors of industries, real estate and construction, education and teaching, and business and commerce, since last few decades. Owing to the contemporary fast development in its real estate sector, Ghaziabad has ranked among the fastest growing cities in the entire world. Its pace of industrial development and growth, too is dazzlingly conspicuous in the entire Asia. By dint of these developments, Ghaziabad is not only one of the primary centers for industries, business and commerce, real estate, and education in the western Uttar Pradesh, but is also one of the most prominent cities of India for secure and lucrative establishments in these sectors. Hence, dedicated is ours whole gamut of legal services to progress and prosperity of this important city of the NCR, including the services for the intellectual property laws. In ours this web article, we are describing only the services for trademark registration in ghaziabad, for help to its business entities in all economic fields. The trademark registration services in ghaziabad, rendered by ours globally famous IPR law firm of India, have the following qualities and specialties:
  • All various trademarks and service marks related with companies, industries, and firms which are engaged in all economic fields of Ghaziabad, can be excellently and economically served by our mellowed trademark lawyers of international repute, both at national and international levels.
  • Today, the most prominent and progressive economic fields of Ghaziabad are – real estate and construction; education and teaching; transport equipments and parts; electric machinery equipments and parts; machine tools and equipments; basic metal products; non-metallic mineral products; chemicals and chemical products; rubber, plastic, and petroleum products; paper and paper products; woolen silk and cotton textiles; soft drinks and tobacco; food and food products; metal products; and many other industrial and economic fields.
  • For acquiring the national-level trademark registration, business and professional entities of Ghaziabad are required to register their this category of intellectual property with the divisional trademark registry office situated in New Delhi.
  • All recognizing and protective international registrations of these are executed under the TRIPS Agreement, the European Community Trademark, Madrid Protocol, and the Berne Convention. All 45 classes of these are flawlessly and briskly registered by well-rounded support of our lawyers under any one or all of these international conventions.
  • All long the complete trademark registration process in ghaziabad, offered dedicatedly are the full-range of services for every newly invented trademark in ghaziabad, by ours well-experienced and considerate lawyers.
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